Down the Yogic Rabbit Hole

Tonight, in real life and on the internet, I felt a strange shrinking of the world. The more pages I clicked on the more strange connections showed themselves, and it all has to do with yoga. Apparently the yoga universe is not such a big one.

First, on Friday I went to a hot yoga class with a teacher named Brad. Tonight I got to go home early from work and decided to get dinner with Aunt Kiki. We tried to go to Cafe Patachou, but they were closed, so we went next door to the new pizza place, Napolese, and Brad from yoga was there!

Ok, that’s not that weird.

Then I came home and remembered that Lululemon is opening a new store in Broad Ripple. I really don’t like the store itself because I think it is outrageously expensive and the sales people are too pushy, but I know they do free yoga classes sometimes so I wanted to look it up bcause my two weeks of unlimited yoga are up tomorrow. So I go to the Lululemon Indy website and whose picture should I see but the woman who taught my yoga class last Sunday, a lady named Andrea who I really didn’t care for at all.

Anyway, it’s still not that weird but then I went to read this quite interesting article exploring the idea of something called “priv-lit” (standing for privilege literature), namely by discussing the book “Eat, Pray, Love,” and there was a link to a yoga website that I clicked on to look around (can’t really figure out the tone of the site at all, are they part of the community they discuss or are they mocking it? weird that you can’t tell). Anyway, they had some cool pictures of Marilyn Monroe doing yoga, or at least doing yoga poses, and that site linked back to where they found the pictures, which is Elephant Magazine, a journal that started in Boulder, while I was there, was always free on Naropa’s campus, and which was started by this guy name Waylon who always ate at The Kitchen, where I worked.(Lo and behold, one of the ads on the sidebar of the website is for The Kitchen.)

And that was the last straw! Waylon is, by the way, everywhere in Boulder, as is Elephant journal, and it is a decent magazine though I don’t care for the layout all that much. But now here he is popping up in my corner of cyberspace in Indy at 1:00 am.

Maybe all these things don’t seem that weird, but it was just odd how one thing kept leading to another.

I would like to write more on this priv-lit and rich white lady yoga phenomenon soon, perhaps. My mind still gets a little tangled when I think about it now. I’ll try to work the kinks out and get back to it at some point.

Going home to Aurora tomorrow, after ending my hot yoga journey with a vinyasa class– the class that so intimidated me on my first day. I think I can handle it now. Wish me luck!

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3 responses

  1. It is interesting that you mention “Eat, Pray, Love” and the idea of “priv lit” because I didn’t like the book for exactly that reason.

    The idea of her nobly finding herself was a little overshadowed for me by the fact that this was a paid writing vacation that most people could never afford to take / never would take because normal people have responsibilities like bills and taxes.

    I realize it’s ironic for me to not like this book as I set off to Africa for a year but promise you’ll shoot me if I start simpering about finding myself.

    • Did you read the article I linked. Pretty interesting and has a lot of good points. And if I remember in the book there was no mention of how this journey was being paid for. Just had to suspend your disbelief I suppose. And I don’t think your Africa trip falls into this same category… just don’t go on oprah when you get home to talk about it :)

  2. Yoga, it just brings the whole universe together eh? (-: How was the pizza place? Miss you!

    P.S. I love bachelor Chris, please make him my cousin in law.

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