Fabric Love!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with fabric. I have, on multiple occasions, attempted to limit my fabric spending, or even quit cold turkey! This usually lasts two days, if I’m lucky… The problem/blessing is that there is a great fabric shop 10 minutes away from my job… I often stop in on my break. Plus, every night I scour Etsy for new finds. Sales. Deals. French Seam I like because they usually have good deals on quilting cotton. And Etsy has sales and it seems like every day I come across a new fabric I’ve never seen… which gives me an idea for a new quilt or project… which makes me look for even more new fabric. It’s a vicious yet amazing cycle. :) The problem with Etsy is that you often have to purchase from multiple sellers, and paying shipping twice or three times.

Anyways, though I did buy some stuff at the quilt market, I think overall I’ve been keeping myself in check this month. Except for a few sales I couldn’t pass up. But, if I had an unlimited, or even slightly larger fabric budget, here are some new ones I’ve been eyeing lately…. I suppose my color preference is obvious!

Row 1: Cute foxes by Lizze Fox, Brown and White Beads by Moe3, and (awesome!)Aqua Herringbone by Joel Dewberry

Row 2: Flower Fields by Joel Dewberry, Cool Aqua Tribal print by Thomas Knauer, and Hearts and Arrows by Cloud9 (organic!)

Row 3: Raindrops by Tula Pink (on sale!), Navy Geometric by Alexander Henry (a fave), and Baby Elephants by Daiwabo

They’d even make a fun quilt all together, maybe mixed together with some solids… A girl can dream!

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