30 Things


Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline

Today is my birthday! I am officially IN my 30s, and I must say it feels good. 20s were fun, but also sort of strange and scary and oh-my-gosh-i-have-no-clue-what-to-do-or-how-to-do-it. Being 30 felt noticeably different, in a really great way, and I think 31 is going to be even better.

So, being a natural born list maker, here are 30 things I did this year, as a 30 year old!

1. Moved to Nashville

2. Moved into the artists lofts in Nashville

3. Got jobs at 2 pretty cool restaurants

4. Sewed like 20 quilts

5. Went to Dolly Wood

Fun times in Asheville

Fun times in Asheville

6. Spent a weekend in Asheville, NC

7. Went to Chatanooga

8. Went to Asutralia!

9. Welcomed my best friend’s first baby to the world

10. Made new friends

New pals at 308 Brunch!

New pals at 308 Brunch!

11. Kept in touch with old friends

12. Ate my first lobster roll

13. Saw a moose.

14. Went to New Hampshire and Boston

15. Built a website

Steph's Wedding in Ohio

Steph’s Wedding in Ohio

16. Celebrated the weddings of 3 great couples: Melissa and Jeff, Steph and Jason, and Stacey and Joe.

17. Successfully pitched a new apron idea to the restaurant where I work

18. Did yoga every day for 3 months

19. Hosted my first Thanksgiving

20. Threw a ladies brunch

Brunch at my apartment

Brunch at my apartment

21. Swam in the Pacific AND the Atlantic Oceans

22. Ate sea urchin

23. Saw a koala, an emu, and some kangaroos

24. Rode a roller coaster

25. Swam in a lake

Yummy picnic at Percy Priest lake

Yummy picnic at Percy Priest lake

26. Went to the state fair

27. Started waking up early!

28. Attempted to sew some clothes

29. Downsized my belongings to move into my studio (and it felt great)

30. Stopped just dreaming about a fabric store, and started working on making it real!

It has really been a great year full of great people and great places, and, as always, lots of unexpected surprises. I’ve really seen the power of saying yes to new experiences, and I am excited to see what 31 will bring!



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  1. yay! love you. maybe 31 will bring your second sister paris trip?! or we will finally get to scandanavia?! orrrr i had a dream last night that was in a weird hybrid of reykjavik/amsterdam so we could go there too.

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