Rainbow Quilt!

Rainbow scraps flying geese quilt

Rainbow scraps flying geese quilt

I finally finished up this cute little baby quilt that I made the top for many months ago. I love this quilt because I didnt have to buy a single part of it! Used ll pieces from my scrap box for the top, leftover binding from other quilts, and cut up curtains for the back. I have plans for quite a few more scrap quilts too, but it’s a challenge because in general I dont like the look of scrap quilts. They are usually too busy and there is usually no where for your eye to rest, so I tried to balance this one with enough low-volume scraps. And my next project is just going to use all blue-tones scraps, to keep the craziness under control. I have so many scraps I could probably sew like 10 quilt tops, so that is what I hope to do! It’s kind of a fun challenge.

CLose up

Close up

I used a couple differnet pieces of leftover binding (I always make way too much) in black and white fabric. I quilted it by just following the vertical seams down and then tracing over the seams of the top two sides of each triangle, which made a chevron type pattern show through on the back.

IKEA bird fabric

IKEA bird fabric

And on the back I used the curtains I made for my bedroom in Indy. I have 6 yards worth just languishing in my cabinet, so I figured it was time to bust it out!

Anyway, I like this quilt! I think it’s cheerful, and the flying geese pattern is pretty fun to sew. I think there are a lot of possibilities with it (stay tuned to see one soon!). Available for sale soon in my Etsy shop.





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